Descriptions and distribution of fungi found in the region
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Local Specimen Collection

‪If you have encountered a mushroom fruiting in Southcentral Alaska that you think may represent a rare species, or that is otherwise of scientific value, please contact us via Kate Mohatt our regional project lead, using the information below. She can foward scietific inquiries to the project mycologists.

Every-day mushroom ID questions should be posted in forums such as iNaturalist or Mushroom Observer. We do not have the resources to provide public ID services and will not respond to such inqueries.

All non-technical correspondance should also be sent to Kate Mohatt at one of the options below.

The Alaska MycoFlora Project
c/o Kate Mohatt
Forest Service
Chugach National Forest
145 Forest Station Rd.
Girdwood, AK 99587

(907) 754-2348
[email protected]

Website and technical related inquiries or issues can be sent to alaska.myco AT gmail DOT com.

Mushroom Poisoning

If you believe you have been the victim of mushroom poisoning immediately seek medical care. We strongly recommend going to the nearest hospital emergency room. If possible, take the mushrooms you ingested with you so they can be identified by an expert. If you are in the local area we can assist in identifying the mushrooms. You may need to advise medical personnel of this resource for identification assistance, as treatment varies based on toxins ingested.